Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Rajasthan is one of the most popular and visited tourist places in India. The warmth of hospitality offered in Rajasthan is like no other. However, Rajasthan is also known for its historical monuments.
The best part about Rajasthan is the availability of the best comforts and hotels along with age old traditions and cultures. Touring in Rajasthan would leave you spellbound by its amazing culture as you keep on exploring it. The major cities are well interconnected to take a long tour.
This state is well designed for tourism giving a spice of both the culture and the modern day comfort, defining exactly how India is. Here, every city would want to make you camp for at least three more days, leaving the luxurious hotel you planned to stay in.
The deserted land, the dry landscape, and the highways are beautiful and surprisingly breathtaking. Rajasthan is known to be the most colorful state in India.
The Boali, build by the Rajas of Neemrana for famine relief in 1790 is a 9 storied underground structure which is magnificent.
The resorts offer a lot of games and many of them offer paintball, bridge walking, rock climbing etc. There is Sariska wildlife sanctuary which is surely not to be missed. It could be one of the best jungle safaris you would experience. Panther, Tiger, Chinkara, Peacocks, Storks, and Parakeets etc. are expected to be seen.
The best way to get pampered after a tiring day of a Jungle safari would be indulging in a relaxing spa treatment.
The traditional Rajasthani food served with Indian warmth will make your mind, heart and stomach totally satisfied. If you are searching for a luxurious holiday clubbed with a peaceful place, you would be better off with nothing but Rajasthan. It’ll be a rejuvenating experience which will reflect the Indian culture quite well along with all the facilities you need.

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