Uttarakhand Holiday Packages

Uttarakhand is also known as the land of the Gods. It is also the home of the mighty Himalayas and is also referred to as a paradise on earth. The freshness of the air, the purity of the water, and the alluring mountains can lure anybody from around the globe towards it. Different adventures including river rafting, trekking, skiing etc. await you. Uttarakhand is known to be one of the most demanded destinations for adventures.

The famous pilgrimages which were built years ago are worth visiting too. The best thing about visiting this place is its natural beauty. No matter where you are in this place, you’ll be surrounded by mountains and fresh air. You might mix up the similar looking roads in Uttarakhand, but I’ll let you know, all these roads lead to inner peace.

You can stay by a river and wake up to the sound of chirping birds. Yes, you can expect that and go read a good book by the side of the Mandakini River. It can be as relaxing as you think it can.

Be sure to not miss Chopta. It is also known as the Switzerland of India. It is covered in meadows which give you one of the most beautiful landscapes of a lifetime. You don’t want to miss it. It is, without a doubt, one of the best places to Trek or to spot some animals.

Kedarnath gives you a chance to peek into the Himalayan fauna and flora. This area is well-known because of an endangered species of the white-bellied musk deer. This sanctuary is one of the richest biodiversity in the world.

The hotels in Uttarakhand are another amazing treats altogether. The houses next to the rusty mountains made of bamboo sticks would appeal to your senses, and on top of that, it’ll be right next to the Mandakini River. It is one of the best places to rest in after spending a tiring day out.

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