Pristine Beach Holidays

Who doesn’t like a walk on the beach? The sand, the water, the breeze and the view are, of course, free. To watch the sunset while hearing the sound of the ocean is a pleasure indeed. Watching the sky turn from blue to orange to purple is a blissful feeling. The weather on the beaches is pleasantly cool and comfortable. An amazing time to visit the beaches would be when it’s drizzling if you love the monsoon. A beach will give you a scenic escape from the city life. If you are a beach bum, you must really enjoy water sports and water adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving. If you’ve never tried these beach activities, you definitely should the next time you visit a beach destination because while sunbathing has its own charm and pleasures; beach activities and water sports can be a balm for the adventurous soul. We personally prefer the cool and dry climate from December till February. But most of the people like it better in the monsoon. Everyone loves being at the beach because it is the most versatile location – a romantic date, great weekend party, festivals, a relaxing day with your family … you name it, you have it. So whenever you want to plan your weekend escape, you can never go wrong with beaches. Play in the sand when life is being hard on you!

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