A memory to cherish forever: Our Thailand Honeymoon

Honeymoon should be a special event. It is the time of life which comes only once in life. This is why – we had been careful in picking our honeymoon destination. After lengthy research, we chose Phuket as the stepping stone to begin our married life.

The dazzle of Phuket grabbed our attention the moment we stepped on the airport. The diversity of life was hard to miss. We got carried away by the buzz of life which surrounded us.

Our tour of Phuket began with us landing in the airport. We had been picked by a luxury car from there and immediately transported to Amari Phuket, an ocean facing resort.

On the way, we greedily took in the life of Phuket. The island buzzed with cheerful crowd and travelers. Because we were too tired from the journey, we could not visit the beach on the first day.

The resort was a surprise to us. We had an ocean facing room from where we could watch the crowd, playing with the waves. The more we watched, the higher our attraction grew. We could not wait for the night to end, so we could hit the beach and experience the wonder of the island.

Day 2

The next day began with much anticipation. We were to explore the Phi Phi Island. We heard a lot about this island. So, it was of small wonder that we were dying to visit this. It was a memorable trip. A day long Big Boat tour around the ocean had been arranged for us. We had been provided lunch on the boat only.

The blue green water of the ocean was overwhelming. We had never seen anything so beautiful. White sand had surrounded the island. Under the sunlight the sand dazzled with silvery glow. We could not look away from the view for a long time.

While traveling around the island we understood why Phi Phi had gained such fame among the tourist. As we approached the island, it just rose from the ocean like a giant fortress. We stared at it awestruck. It did not take us for long to fall in love with the island.

Other than the beauty of the island, we also liked the people and their way of living. They all moved in unhurried trance. Their laidback life was contagious. We also fell into the trance. Nothing was done in haste there. Life seemed to have slowed for a reason. To us it seemed like time was overwhelmed by the beauty of the island and did not want pass in hurry.

At the day end, we returned to our hotel with the memory of Phi Phi planted strongly into our hearts.

Day 3

On the third day of our tour, we were scheduled to visit Krabi, another famous island. In Thailand, Krabi offered us the most relaxing time. The island displayed the most stunning view. The wide stretched beach, tinged with white and silver went on forever. Everywhere we turned we were greeted by beauty. The island was a large one. We needed to travel a lot to cover the entire island. The travel around the beach had been a delight. We enjoyed every moment of the exploration. Because we went there by ferry, we could explore the ocean closely. The salty smell of the air and the scenic beauty of the island held us captivated for a long time. We captured the moments in our hearts. The lush jungle surrounding the island made our tour even more delightful. Limestone cliffs added an extra layer of beauty to the island.

At end of third day, we had been taken to Hula Hula resort of Krabi. This was a resort with spectacular garden view. The hotel offered comfortable ambience. Specious rooms and friendly staffs made our stay even more enjoyable. The food they served was also good.

Day 4

We were scheduled to visit 4 islands on the fourth day of the tour. The islands gave a sense of tropical life. 4 islands had been on our list of travel destinations. We knew that without visiting 4 islands, Krabi trip would be incomplete. The color of the ocean changed as we went closer to the islands. From turquoise to deep blue, it had been a wonder to watch the water.
The first island which we visited was Koh Gai. It meant chicken island. The name had come due to the shape of the island. It did look like a chicken. Koh Tup was the next island which we visited. Koh Mawr and Koh Poda were the other two islands we explored.

Too soon the trip ended. We had returned to our resort happy because we had made joyous memories. The next day we were dropped to Krabi air port to come back home.

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