It had been a great experience to explore Bangkok. With the help from Travelxploria we spent an amazing family time there. On the first day, we landed in Bangkok air port. The exotic city had the vibe of life which touched us the moment we walked out. For a moment we all stood and stared at the people hurrying around the street. From the smell of the air to the sight of the street everything promised a great holiday. To be frank we were not disappointed. Whatever we had expected, we got while staying in Bangkok. The trip had been a memorable one and we returned with happy memory.

We had been transported to Pattaya on the first day. While travelling down the street as the unfamiliar roads unfolded themselves before us, we knew that we would be discussing this holiday over and over again. Choosing Bangkok for the holiday had been the best decision of all time. It took us few hours to come from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Our staying arrangement had been made in Siam Hotel Pattaya. It was a luxurious hotel. We loved it on the first sight. Spacious rooms and friendly staffs made the checking in a delightful experience. Not only the rooms where we stayed was a great one but the food they served tastes awesome as well. High quality food and comfortable stay made our fantastic trip even better.

The next day, we went for Chaophraya river trip. The dinner cruise was a famous one. We really enjoyed the trip. The riverside of Bangkok was both serene and picturesque. We loved each moment of the cruise. It had got us introduced to the landmarks of the Bangkok. The neon landmarks made the river trip an amazing one. We captured the images to bring home our splendid memory. At the end of the day, we back to our hotel happy and excited for the next day.

The next day, we went for safari world tour. It had been a day long tour. This is the most visited park of Bangkok. Every year tourists come to visit this one for day long safari. We were excited to be a part of this famous trip. This park trip brought us close to many animals including deer, zebra and tigers. Other than animals, a wide variety of birds can be found in the park as well.

The safari trip took us to the Marine park as well. This was another famous park which people visited every year. The main attraction of the park was the performances of the animals. You would be able to see the performance of the trained dolphins. We also enjoyed bird shows there. Seals and monkey shows were other two famous shows. Even though we had to walk around the park, we did not get tired as the trip was so exciting. We took countless pictures and collected many happy moments there. The picturesque park remained in our mind long after we left it. At the end of the day we returned looking forward to the next day’s tour.

The next day, we went for the sea life our of Bangkok. We had heard about this tour a lot. The seas life of Bangkok was a large aquarium. In fact it wad the largest one around the Southeast Asia. The aquarium was famous for many reasons. We had heard about this aquarium a lot. People who had visited Bangkok could not stop talking about this sea life tour. So, we were excited about the trip. We expected to be entertained. But we did not expect to love it so much.

People who had been there said that the tour was an educational one. For kids the trip was a great learning experience. However, for the grown up as well, the trip had brought a vast learning experience. We loved each moment of the tour.

The tour began with a amazing introduction to rare sea species. Creatures both known and unknown had there. We watched in awe the sea life. The exploration of blue left us speechless. This trip had been an educational one as it was recreational. We got to see how the life under sea survived. Additionally, we got to learn how penguins survived in an environment which changed constantly. Overall the experience had been an amazing one.

The next day, we did not have any plan to explore anything particular. So, we decided to go for a pleasure trip around the market. Shopping in Bangkok was a great experience. We had never seen markets so full of life. Everything colorful had been there. We felt as if we had been pushed to a land of rainbows. We bought a lot of things to bring home. The leisure trip had been an enjoyable one.

The next day our trip ended. We returned home with many happy memories.

By Travelxploria | October 30, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour

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