Port Blair is a beauty in itself. The capital of Andaman Nicobar island has a graceful serenity which captivates the travelers. With my family I landed on Port Blair air port on 16th Oct 2018. The first thing we noticed was the people and their energetic way of greeting visitors.

The gateway of Andaman offered a sense of peace which we did not expect. Yet it was there in the air. We relaxed the moment our feet touched Port Blair’s soil. From Port Blair to Havelock was a journey to remember forever. Even after returning home, we kept talking about the trip.

We cruised down Havelock in a boat. The smell of sultry air and sound of wave churning from the sea bed still come back to our mind. The beginning of the trip promised a heaven like experience and we were not wrong in expecting it.
We heard about Havelock a lot. The island had gained fame for a lot of elements. The dive site of the island was the first thing we heard about. Also, the coral reefs made us curious about Havelock. Even though we expected a beautiful island to unleash itself before us, the reality struck us speechless.

On the first day, while cruising down the waterway, we understood that we were in for a visual treat. Even from a distance we understood why the island was called a paradise. We heard that people who went to explore Andaman often spent their entire vacation on Havelock. The beauty of the island was hypnotizing. The awe-inspiring beach dazzled under the sunlight like a bed of golden sheet. Thick forest outlined the beach to create a magnificent contrast. We too wanted to spend our entire vacation there on that beach.

On 17th Oct 2018, we went to Radhanagar beach. This beach spread itself before us like a beautiful dream. The powdery sand clothed beach, the aqua waves and the sense of serenity, all engulfed us at once. To add to the wonder, the beach was overlooked by a rich forest. The lushness of the nature made us stand and devour the sight for a long time. From Radhanagar beach we again cruised down to Havelock to visit Neil Island in cruise. On the same day we visited Bharatpur beach, another beautiful wonder. This beach too offered the same serenity the entire Andaman offered since the first day.

On 18th Oct, we visited Lakshmanpur beach. This trip had been another memorable one. Everything about the beach was beautiful and serene. The graceful beauty made us joyous. This beach of Neil Island was famous for its adventurous nature. People who visited the beach went back home with many tales of happiness and adventure. We too had our own happy stories. The trip had been an enjoyable one. We almost forgot that there were a lot more to visit. We needed to hurry to explore Andaman in its full glory. Otherwise, we would have stayed on the beach and soaked in the positive energy for a long time.

Lakshamanpur beach offered a lot to explore. We caught sight of many fishermen working with their boats in Bay of Bengal. The nature had given the beach with open arms. It did not have any shortage of corals and shells. Those who visited the beach went back home with many mementoes.
From Lakshmanpur beach to Sitapur beach had been a journey to remember. We went back to Havelock at the end of the day. Our minds were filled with many happy memories. We were eager to explore more of the beautiful island.
Next day, we set out to visit Diglipur. This trip we made in vehicle. This was the town of Andaman which gained fame for a lot of things. Beautiful and large, the town was visited by thousands of people every year. We spent the night there.

Our day began early. We went to visit Ross and Smith island. The twin island offered magnificent view to the tourists. The two islands were divided by sand bar. The islands stand apart from the maddening crowd. The peaceful air of the twin islands was the first thing we embraced. The sparkling water and enticing beach, made our day trip a successful one.

Next day, we went for Baratang trip. From there we went to explore the lime caves. It had been a great day for us. After visiting the lime caves, we returned to Port Blair to experience the Cellular Jail Light and the sound show.
The last day came too soon. We visited Ross and Northbay on the last day. From there we went to explore Chidiyatapu Beach. Here we spent some memorable moments before returning to our hotel.

With heavy hearts we said goodbye to Andaman, the next day. Even though the trip ended, we went home with glorious memories.

By Travelxploria | October 30, 2019 | Bhaskar's Andaman Tour

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