Dubai Family Vacation of Pankaj Sharma and his Family

If you want to travel, visit UAE; make sure you have Dubai on the top of your list. My family and I loved our visit to Dubai which was arranged by the amazing people in TravelXploria. This destination was on our list for long and finally, I got a week off from office and decided to book their family package whose details looked very promising along with the price. The booking process was easy and these people made sure everything related to visa and tickets was handled properly. Finally, the day of departure was here and we were on our plane in no time.

On 7th November, we landed at the Dubai international airport. What a view it was! This airport was so huge and it was well managed. We were so impressed by it. At the airport, our private transport sent by the TravelXploria was there for us with a sweet bouquet of flowers. This gesture was so sweet. From the airport, we went to our hotel where my family and I were going to stay for the next 4 nights. The first impression of the hotel was great and we were given a studio apartment that was huge and spacious. The apartment was amazingly clean and well furnished. My wife loved the kitchen and the bathrooms. We placed our baggage there and then decided to go out for shopping. I must say the life in Dubai is luxurious and the nightlife is something else. Our Dhow Cruise Dinner was already scheduled and it started at night. Seeing the city at night on a cruise was a new experience. It was out of this world. Huge and all buildings and so many lights, I just cannot explain it. There were live dances and musical performances along with delicious food. The day ended with some great memories and we returned back to the hotel.

Dubai Family Vacation of Pankaj Sharma and his Family

The next day started early morning and we visited many places in Dubai. The first stop of the day was the Dubai Museum and this had to be the most favorite spot for my wife. Being a history student and lover, no place could be better for her. There we got to learn about the rich and old history of Dubai. There were so many things in the museum. The city has a beautiful mosque; the Jumeirah mosque. Entering it gave a different vibe, everything was so peaceful there and its construction was mind-blowing. The architecture looked out of this world and it reflected the real Islamic architecture. We went to the Jumeirah beach which is near the mosque. The beach was not much crowded like the other beaches. My daughter made some sandcastles there and I and my wife enjoyed the view. It was a soothing experience for us. After this, the famous Palm Islands were waiting for us. I was amazed to see how they built this in the ocean, all man-made. It is truly a wonder of the world. We stayed at the famous Atlantis hotel in the Palm Islands for a while. If you ever come to Dubai and don’t visit this place, your tour has not completed.

Dubai Family Vacation of Pankaj Sharma and his Family

The day was fun and my family had a great time at the beach among the sand and water and not to forget, the amazing palm islands, a luxurious time was spent there. This day was dedicated to my beautiful daughter. She loves animals and no other place but Dolphinarium can be a better spot for her. After entering the place, I could see the excitement on her face. We started by visiting the cute dolphins. The best thing about this place was that you can freely interact with the animals. They are friendly and sweet. The dolphins and seals were there, playing with each other. My daughter was scared at first but then she became friends with them. After this, we went to the live dolphin and seal show where they performed amazing tricks. They were dancing, jumping through the hoops and even painting. I had a great time while watching them do all these tricks. My daughter was so delighted after this show. We took some pictures of these animals. We went back to the hotel, tired and my wife and I roamed the city at night.
I mainly came to Dubai for desert safari and this day was here. We were picked up from our hotels in a luxury 4×4 car and then traveled to the desert. The sandy dunes looked so amazing. It was my first time seeing a desert and the day had just started. There were plenty of things to do and you can choose anything at your own expense. I rode the quad bike in the desert and my wife clicked some pictures of mine. This is a must thing in the desert. Then my wife and daughter had a ride on the back of a camel. The fun could be seen on their faces. Soon it was evening and the belly dance had started. I did not expect the life of the desert to be this good. The dancers and their moves were beautiful. The Arabs are no doubt the most beautiful. After the performances, we were served with live and fresh BBQ. The taste was premium and too good. Everything about this night was perfect. We were then taken back to the hotel after this tiring day.
Dubai Family Vacation of Pankaj Sharma and his Family
Our visit had ended and now our flight back was ready for us. Our private vehicle dropped us at the airport and we left with so many memories. I thank TravelXploria for making this wonderful trip possible. My family loved the services.

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