Egyptian Family Vacation of Bhaskar and his Family.

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It was the time of year for our planned vacation to Egypt. I had a week off from office and it was settled that my family will be traveling for some good family time. We did not want to contact any local travel agents because the experience was so bad last time. My friend referred me to Travelxploria. We were impressed and booked it instantly as it had limited spots left.
We just had to buy the package and the company did everything for a smooth journey to the destination.

The first day started and we boarded our plane from Kolkata airport. The airline service was professional during the whole journey and we landed at Cairo international airport safely. Their team was already there with a sign having our names written on it. It was really a nice and sweet gesture for us. They helped us to cross passport control and customs. After which our baggage was handled by the team and we went to Cairo Tower along with them. This was the first spot of the trip. From the top of this tower, the whole city could be seen. The view was refreshing and a great start to the trip. After taking some pictures and enjoying this amazing place, we were sent to our hotel via a lavish car provided by the company. The hotel check-in was smooth as well and we stayed overnight at the hotel. I loved the rooms and the place we were staying at. The rooms were clean and huge, enough for my family. So we slept early as we had so much to do the next day.

The breakfast was ready and it was traditional Egyptian food that included sandwich, some eggs, and olives along with tea. After having breakfast, our tour guide was here so we were all set for our visit to the three pyramids. We had only seen them in pictures and they were right in front of our eyes. They were enormous in size and the sight was so majestic. Our guide gave us a complete tour of the place. He was nice, friendly and professional in his work. Then, my wife and my daughter took a ride on the back of a camel in the desert. What is the point of flying to Egypt and not riding a camel? The whole experience was magical for us. The next destination was the Sphinx monument, and this was perhaps the most interesting thing of the day. A weird yet fascinating statue. The guide had proper knowledge of Egyptian history and he kept educating us on the way. Valley temple was average but my wife loved it. National Museum of Antiquities, the next stop, was appreciated by all three of us. We saw some ancient stuff relating to Egyptian history. Then after a quick tour of these places, we left for old Cairo and explored the major parts. The old Cairo was home to beautiful old Christian churches. Worth mentioning church is the hanging church. I would not forget the vibe of that place. After going back to the hotel, we rested and in the evening we were ready for the sound and light show at the Giza pyramids. The show was exciting and something different. Old music playing and Giza pyramids in flamboyant colors were the highlights of the day.

We had a road trip to Alexandria the next day and it was a 3 hours long journey. At Alexandria, we toured the famous Roman sights. This included Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa and Roman Amphitheatre. It was a beautiful archaeological site. The art and the statues were amazing and it was unfortunate that no photography was allowed inside. The most fascinating thing was the inside tunnels leading to different directions. Then at the library of Alexandria, there was a complete shift of architecture. It was modern and the design was sleek. Citadel of Qaitbay impressed us with its strong structure despite all this rough weather, the place stands high and excellent. And the final spot was Corniche where we sat and had some drinks together. The weather was nice and relaxing. It was a good family time along the sea, really needed that after this long day. This was all for the day, we came back and were ready for the next day.

The final day of the tour was dedicated to Memphis, the necropolis of Sakkara and a lavish dinner on the river Nile. Memphis was less crowded than the other places we had visited. The tour started and with the help of our guide, we explored the ruins. The area around it was beautiful. We can say that this place is our favorite from the whole tour.

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The necropolis of Sakkara has so much history and detail in it. We were glad that this place was included in the tour. The great pyramid of Sakkara lies here in its glory. The view of the red sea at a distance from here could be seen. It was really special the experience was mystic. The last thing for the day to make this trip never forgetting was Nile Dinner Cruise. The cruise left on right on time and soon we were in the Nile river. There were live belly dance performances, gorgeous women dancing on Arab songs. We decided to see the folklore show. It was entertaining especially for my daughter. She loved the show. The dinner was soon ready which had seafood and Arab dishes. The cruise lasted for 2 hours. The event was romantic and serene. This was all for the final day.

We traveled back to Kolkata from Cairo. We left the place with so many beautiful memories and all credit goes to the hardworking and dedicated team behind Travelxploria. 100% recommended, just trust them and they will not disappoint you.

By Travelxploria | April 17, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour

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