Bali had been our anniversary travel destination. The name had conjured many images in our minds. Thanks to Travelxploria, those images have turned into exotic memory.

Though we had explored Internet in search of pictures of Bali, nothing had prepared us for the rush of splendor which welcomed us the moment we landed in Bali. We understood right away why Bali is called the paradise. It is not just a place. It is not just a travel destination. Bali is tropical haven which remains with you till the end of time.

On 19th April we reached Bali. It was evening when we finally got off the plane. Because we came all the way down from Australia, we were tired. Travelxploria had arranged for a cab which took us to our hotel where we spent the night. It was a luxury hotel called Grand Zuri Kuta Bali. The hotel offered super luxurious rooms. We spent the night in comfort.

Next day, we went to Lembongan Island from Bali. It was a boat ride. The salty wind made us both smile. We enjoyed the ride so much. All the tiredness melted away as we reached the shore. Here we stayed in Lembongan Beach Club & Resort. The resort offered magnificent view from our room. We spent the next day idling around. The hotel staffs had arranged for candle light dinner for us. While the dinner was exotic, we were excited for the next day. It was out anniversary.

To celebrate the anniversary we came back to Bali again. Once again the open salty wind made us forget the world around. We celebrated our anniversary in Bali. The paradise would be planted in our hearts forever. We got swept off by the joyous mood of the island. The mood was contagious. Soon we forgot that we were just visitors. In no time Bali became our home. We enjoyed the beauty of the island. We beheld the flower petal adorned streets. We lost ourselves in the waves of life.

Next day we went to explore Ubud Village. This village is known as the craft center of Bali. The village presented series of temples and shrines. We visited some holy sites in this village. After exploring the shrines made from rock we proceeded to our next travel destination with excitement. Kintamani Volcano Tour had been one of the most memorable one. This is an active volcano. Visiting it had been a great experience. The mountain rises near vast greenery. The view got us breathless. It was difficult to imagine that the volcano could erupt any moment and destroy everything. We stayed there for a long time taking in the beauty of the landscape.

The next day had been a busy one. We had a long tour planned. We had planned to view Uluwatu Sunset Tour. The next on our list had been Water Activities. Then we planned to visit Taman Ayun Temple.

We enjoyed the water activities. We went for jet ski which is a famous water sport of the island. We also went parasailing. This one is also a famous sport which tourists enjoyed. Then we went for sea walk and banana boating.

Taman Ayun Temple had been another experience. We are glad that we decided to visit the temple. The sunset tour had left us speechless. We captured many images of the view.

The next day, we decided to take it easy and spent the entire day enjoying spa facilities. The trip finally came to an end the next day. We decided to go for some shopping before leaving Bali. So we spent some time in the local market before we left for the airport.

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