For the last six months, my friend and I’ve had been planning for a trip to Thailand with our wives on their demand. A friend referred me to Travelxploria’s website and while choosing a package for two couples, The package looked promising and it fulfilled our requirements. So, after consulting with my friend, we booked their package which included 7 days trip to Thailand.


Day 1 was spent flying from our city to Bangkok. We packed our luggage, picked up my friend and his wife and then left for the airport. The tickets, visa, and everything was arranged by the Travelxploria. After boarding the plane, we were soon at the Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok. The first impression the country had put on me was impressive. A private car sent by the company was already waiting for us. From the airport, we were sent to our Bangkok hotel which had already been booked as well. We got our separate keys for the rooms. The hotel had spacious and clean rooms. The staff was professional and everything was perfect there. The view from our balcony was mesmerizing. We changed and slept after having dinner. A long day was waiting for us.

The next day was dedicated to the famous safari world and Marine Park. The car was there for the pickup and the first destination for the day was safari world. It all started with feeding the beautiful giraffes who were open and roaming around freely. They were so friendly and well trained. There were lions, zebral, and so many other wild animals roaming freely. It was a fun experience as we had never seen anything like this before. Our wives wanted to see the birds show so they went there while we both friends went to see the cowboy stunt show in the park which was quite hilarious. In Marine Park, the best thing was the dolphin and the sea lion show. They performed stunts and different activities. The audience was feeding them fish as a reward and the tour ended with the lunchin the end as it was included in the package. We went back to the hotel, rested for a while. Then we both couples were out for swimming in the hotel’s pool. Later, we slept like babies after being so much tired.

We were transferred to the Pattaya the next day. We just put our stuff there and left for the Ocean world. The underwater aquarium had my inner kid excited and as soon as we reached there, the sight was beautiful. A huge aquarium with so many fishes inside the tank. This was a whole new experience for all of us. There were sharks right in front of us. After finishing the aquarium and seeing crabs, sea horses, sharks and so much more, we guys could not stop ourselves and dived to swim with the sharks. The trainers helped me and they were kind enough to take our photos inside the tank with the sharks. The cost of this was paid additionally. It was time for the 4D movie show and they were screening Spongebob. Moving chairs and all the sound effects were wonderful. In the evening, we got our tickets for the alcazar show. It was a show full of dance, music, diversity, and lights. The show was better than our expectations. The transgenders dancing in their beautiful dresses. This made our evening much better.

The next whole day was booked for the coral island tour on a speed boat. The journey in the water was great and the island was a treat to our eyes. There were many tourists from different countries busy in different water sports. While our wives relaxed on the shore, we both friends did banana boating and jet skiing. The beach was so clean and the air was fresh. All the sports were affordable and fun. After having fun for like 3 hours, we had lunch on the island. It was really food with the view. This was all for this day and we went back to the hotel.

The next day, our flight was booked from to Phuket from Bangkok. We went back to Bangkok by a car arranged by our company and reached the airport. Soon, we were in Phuket Island. This whole day was spent while traveling to this island.

We were ready for the 6th day as this was going to be the best day of the tour. The first destination was Phi Phi islands and the best thing about this place was the beaches. They were so calm and relaxing. The clear water and lust green trees were the highlights. There was a pool bar and we went there for drinks. After spending some time on the phi phi beach, the next place was hotel Maya where we had lunch and rested for some time. In an hour, we headed to Khai Island which was part of the phi phi island tour. This island had an amazing snorkeling spot and we all four people booked for this. The snorkeling experience was out of this world. We all were completely lost in the ocean and I don’t think I can ever forget this. With this, our day ended and we came back to Maya hotel.

The final day of the tour concluded with the visit to James bond island on a long tail boat. This journey was fun and we went through caves in the long tail boat. The inside view of these caves was breathtaking. We also saw the spots where the James bond was shot. Due to the peak season, this island was crowded with people. I must say this is an amazing place for sightseeing and taking pictures. Then after a stroll in the market and some shopping, it was time to go back to the hotel.

Our tour had finally ended and we had to catch a flight back from Bangkok. The next whole day was spent in the air and on the road. The overall experience was so amazing and memorable. We did not face any difficulty on the trip. Both of us couples were happy to choose Travelxploria.We will definitely recommend them to everyone. Thank you Travelxploria for everything.

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