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Beauty of Phuket has forced us to choose it for our honeymoon destination. We are glad that we have made the decision of going to Phuket rather than to any other travel destination.


We were welcomed heartily as we reached Phuket airport. The cab wheeled us to our hotel so that we could relax for a while. As we cruised through the streets of Thailand’s largest island, our eyes drank its splendor. Breath taking was the phrase which came to our mind so many times. There had been moments when we held our breath and took in the beauty of the surrounding.


Because, we were tired, we did not right away go to the beach. we wanted to stretch our muscles for a little while at the hotel. We were taken to Karon Phunaka Resort & Spa Phuket by Travelxploria tour team. The luxury hotel offered spa facilities as well. It gave us the much needed relaxation time.


The room where we stayed overlooked the sea. The waves crushing on the shore made us stand still for a long time. The white gold sand of the beach opened its arms and called on to us.



The hotel offered a large pool at the front. We sat by it and enjoyed the sun before going in the room. We took it easy that day and retired for the night. The next day would be a busy one and we just wanted all our energy to experience the divine Phuket beach.


The next day we went for Phi Phi Island Tour. This island is known as the queen of all Islands. As we trudged through it, we understood why it is called so. The gigantic island offered magnificent view. We started the tour from the Monkey beach. This beach is famous for the monkeys which danced and entertained the visitors. We enjoyed being there as it offered high and positive vibe.



Maya bay had been our next destination. We wanted to relax under the sun for a while. This bay had offered us the perfect view of the sun. We wanted to just perched under the warm sun ray and forget the world.


We spent some time riding the boats. It had been a wonderful day and sadly it came to an end way too soon. Before we realized, it was over. We went back to our hotel looking forward to the next day. Travelxploria team had planned everything in perfect manner.


The next day, we spent at the hotel. The previous day had left its toll on us. We had no idea that we had been so tired. We woke up the next morning with sore muscles. We decided it would be wise to stay put for the day. Though we were indoor, we did not regret at all. The hotel offered everything to make us comfortable. From luxury food to awesome service everything was at our disposal. We sat by the pool, sipped cold beverages and enjoyed the surrounding.


In the evening, we sat by the window and watched the waves play on the shore. We also watched with wonder the sunset. The explosion of orange on the sea water has left a mark in our hearts.


With a heavy heart we left the hotel the next day. We took a ferry to go to Krabi. This place had been a treat to our eyes. Stunning is understatement when it comes to describing Krabi. We stayed at Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi. This is another luxury resort. It offered breathtaking view of the ocean.

The gold stricken white sea beach was one of the treats which made our visit to Krabi a memorable one. We spent some quality time among the coral adorned beach of Krabi. We also explore the fish washed areas of the island.

The next day we went voyaging around the unknown territories of the 4 island of Thailand. We captured the beauty of the sea and the islands in our minds. Forever we will remember this tour.

On the 6th day, it was time for us to leave for home. We bade goodbye to the island and boarded our flight.

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