Prabhat Shaw’s Family Tour of Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan, a kingdom known for its fortresses, ancient monasteries among the beautiful mountains of Himalayas. This location was selected by my wife and my two precious angels. I got a week off from the office and so we decided to pack our bags for this adventure. We chose Travelxploria’s seven-day family package. Honestly, the experience with these guys amazing owing to their professional services and affordable prices.

On the very first day, we arrived at Hasimara railway station and the car was waiting for us. We traveled from there to Phuentsholing by road. The sightseeing had been started from this spot and we were among the clouds. The road in the Himalayas was dangerous yet beautiful. The scenery from this height was breathtaking. All of us got our hotel room arranged by the Travelxploria and the hotel was beyond my expectations. We got a huge room for our family and after unpacking, my daughters and my wife went outside leaving me to rest for the evening. They returned at dinner time with shopping bags in their hands and smiles on their faces. Soon, it was dinner time and we were served with lavish Bhutanese food at the hostel.

The next day, after breakfast, our car was there to pick us up for the journey from Phuentsholing to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. A lot was planned by our family regarding Thimpu which explained the excitement on my daughters’ faces. We reached there in the afternoon, had lunch and headed for the most famous place; Buddha Point. This place blew my mind away. A large and gigantic status in the heights of mountains, what a view that was. The first thought came into my mind was how they could possibly build a masterpiece like this. There, we captured some really nice photos and soon it was time to leave for the next place; Takin Preserve. Here, my family got to see wild animals roaming around. This was the children’s choice and it looked like they were having fun with all these friendly animals. Spending an hour or so, we needed something to eat. There was a local food vendor offering Maru, a local spicy chicken stew. After this delicious meal, the next and final spot for the day was the Textile museum on my demand as I have a taste for this particular thing.

This day was dedicated to sightseeing because the place we were traveling to is famous for it. Punakha is the former capital of Bhutan and a small town surrounded by skyrocketing peaks. We had no knowledge about them but the guide was so generous and introduced us to every peak on the way to Punakha through Docha-lu pass. I remember seeing the highest peak of them all and it was called Gangkarpuensum, covered in ice along with the golden sun shining, I had not seen something as fascinating as this. There were glaciers with a river flowing by. This was the closest you can get to nature. The air was fresh and it was peace everywhere.

In the central city, the place worth visiting is Punakha Dzong palace. The building was the largest one we had seen during the tour. We sent inside and the guide gave us a complete tour of this palace. I can surely say that without this guide provided by the company, the tour had no importance. The building felt old with the ancient Bhutanese culture associated with it. We were really impressed by how well they had maintained the building and it was a reflection of pure Bhutanese architecture.

We left for Paro and reached the valley on time. The first thing we saw there was the only airport in the whole country. This city is a heaven for a traveler. A hike to Tiger’s nest monastery was our main goal of the day. Everything for the hike was arranged by the company and the way to the nest was rocky and dangerous. But special safety measures were taken for us and we reached the nest safe and sound. We could see the whole valley from this point. The whole hick is wonderful and we had to stop at many spots for taking the pictures. It was a 4-hour long hike and it made us really tired. This was an extraordinary experience for my family/ Leaving the kids to the hotel, we managed some couple time and visited Park 76 for some drinks and food.

The next whole day was dedicated to the journey to Chele la pass and the car was provided to us by the company. We left Paro and it took us 2 hours to get there and heaven was waiting for us. The scenery blew us away and it will remain forever with me. It had white flags to honor the people who have died. The whole day was spent there along with food and other tourists. We danced with the bonfire and returned back to Paro in the evening.

The last and final day of the tour. We had seen a lot of temples and monasteries and it was time to visit something different this day. So our family decided to spend this day enjoying the food of the city and visit the craft market. We went to the Paro food street. For lunch, we had momos along with Jasha Tshoem. And Phaksha Paa for the dinner. The delicious food was a treat for our taste buds. The craft market was cheap and easy on the pocket. We bought many souvenirs from here to our family and friends. This was a great place for shopping and the food street was my favorite thing about the day.

We said goodbye to Bhutan and arrived at Alipurduar from Paro through the transport arranged by Travelxploria. The tour was fantastic in every sense. Nothing was lacking and the staff was so helpful. Thank you Travelxploria for making this memorable experience. I would love traveling more with you guys. You have my prayers and respect.

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