On the first day of the tour, all three people reached the Kolkata airport from where the driver sent by the company picked us up. This day was dedicated to the tour of this amazing city. We started the tour by visiting the beautiful Eden Garden. Entering the stadium gave a different vibe and for a cricket fan, this was the best. The next stop was the Victoria Memorial, a beautiful museum famous for its building. It looked more beautiful in real life than the pictures. We all had a great time and then went back to the hotel for dinner.

The next day was spent in travelling to the Thimphu. From Kolkata airport, we had our flight and at the Bagdogra airport, the representative of TravelXploria was there to pick us up. The clearance procedure was very smooth and fast and soon we were in the car for a road trip to Thimphu. The journey to the capital was beautiful as there were many stupas on the way. Soon, we were at our hotel in the capital of Bhutan.

After this, the next day was dedicated to the sighting seeing at Thimphu as there are many wonderful places there. It started with Thimphu Chorten which instantly made home to our heart. The view was mesmerizing and breathtaking. After this place, the next spot was the Buddha point which was a huge gold Buddha statue. From this spot, we could see the whole valley of Thimphu. The capital has so many places and we saw the majority of them. The best of them was the Thimphu valley and the ancient textile museum from where we learned many things about the textile history of Bhutan. And the library was beautiful as I had never seen anything like this. It was also a good spot to take pictures. We clicked some pictures and went back to our hotel.

We had breakfast the next day and the drive to Dochu-la pass started. The view from the top spot of the hill was admirable. The clear skies, the other high peaks made this even more beautiful. From there we also saw the largest peak of Bhutan and this was so majestic. From there we went to see the ancient temple, the Palace of the Great. The gold-domed tower was shining in the sunlight. This place gave us a spiritual vibe and we were really overwhelmed by it. The guide helped us exploring and telling about this place. Then we visited other places around this like fertility temple. The last stop was our hotel in Punakha.

The next day of the journey, we went from Punakha to Paro. The journey was beautiful as we crossed many beautiful valleys on the way. There we visited one of the old fortresses of Bhutan. It looked very old yet it was still standing there with its might. With all these visits, we went back to the hotel where we checked in and rested for a while. Then, the next place was the National Museum. This had all the things related to the history of Bhutan, from clothes, war accessories, to household objects. At last, we visited the Runpung Dzong and our journey for the day was finished. We came back to our hotel, ready for the next day.

This day was dedicated to sightseeing at Paro. It started with 5 hours long hike to the most famous monastery of Bhutan, the tiger nest. It is made at the corner of a cliff and makes you question a lot of things. From this spot, the whole view of Bhutan is visible clearly. It is high and the hike is difficult but we made it and it was surely worth it. Half of the hour day was spent reaching the Tiger’s Nest and coming back but we don’t regret it. It was a must-have experience for us even though I sprained my leg. We came back to our hotel after this and rested till night. At right, I roamed around the street and talked with the locals about the culture and the city.

The next day was for the chelela pass which is famous for its breathtaking journey among the thick forest. We all waited for this day and now it was here. It was an hour-long journey and I must say, the best journey of my life. You don’t get to experience something like this every day. The path had the views of mountains surrounded by the thick forests. We visited another temple from there which was a smaller one but the most beautiful. One the way back to our hotel, we visited a 7th-century temple. This was one of the first buildings representing Buddhism. This was all for the final day of our long journey and we went back to the hotel tired.

The tour had ended. After being served with breakfast at the hotel, we packed our bags and put them in the transport provided. We were then sent to the airport where our flight was waiting for us. The representative helped us with the process at the airport and we left this beautiful country with so many memories that will always stay with us. The trip was perfect and the people of TravelXploria get all the credit. We did not face any difficulty at any stage. May God bless them always.

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