Srinivas’s Romantic Tour of Thailand

I and my wife, we both had Thailand in our wish list for a long time. So, this summer, we finally decided to travel and have the time of our life. We checked the timings and trip details of different travel agencies and Travelxploria looked really promising. We contacted them and got our place booked. The package looked quite nice and it was economical than other agencies. And we finally packed our bags. The day of traveling was here and we reached the airport on time via a private vehicle sent by the company.

The traveling process was so smooth. We did not feel any difficulty while traveling to the destination. Our flight to Pattaya, Thailand, reached on time and we were escorted to our hotel in a private vehicle arranged by the tour organizers. The hotel was amazing and really nice. The room was twin sharing for me and my lovely wife. The staff at the hotel was so hospitable and the environment was beautiful. We were satisfied with the inside. After we got fresh, lunch was waiting for us and after that, we had our place booked in the famous Alcazar Show in the evening of Pattaya. We reached the venue and the stage was all set. The show was so wonderful with performers dancing in colorful dresses. The music was loud and the people were crazy. The best moment was when they danced on a Bollywood song.

After a long day, we came back to our hotel and rested for the night. The highlight of the next day was the coral island tour by a speed boat. I was more excited than my wife as she is kind of afraid of the boats. From Pattaya, we got to the island by boat and we were given the life jackets. The guide knew his job as he introduced us to everything he knew about the island. On the island, there were so many water sports like banana boating, scuba diving, parasailing. As my wife is afraid of such things, I had to parasail alone but it was an insane adventure-. The thing that made the day even better was the Indian lunch at an exotic Indian restaurant. The food was so delicious and it was totally authentic. The tour lasted for a half-day and we went back to our hotel. I and my wife, we both spent the remaining day roaming the streets of Pattaya. A remarkable and romantic time for a couple like us.

The next day was dedicated to the famous underwater world aquarium of Pattaya. It is one of the biggest underwater aquaria of the world with so many different aquatic life. My wife loves such stuff and she could not wait for this day. The inside view was breathtaking as you can see so many fishes right in front of you. It feels like a whole different world. With so many species around you, the feeling cannot be put into words. This was a whole new experience for both of us. After this long visit to this underwater world, we both were so hungry. We ate local Thai food from there to fulfill our stomachs and satisfy the taste buds. Our tour was going just like we wanted. Bangkok was waiting for us the next day.

The next morning, we traveled there from Pattaya. We reached Bangkok in a few hours. The city really lives up to the hype. Huge and tall buildings, a truly metropolitan city for the young hearted people like us. It was almost midday and the tour of Bangkok city had been started. The tour could not be completed without visiting the temples. We began to explore the city and came across Sanam Luang park which was massive and it has a small park beside it with lots of birds belong to diverse species. We walked there for a while and explored more. The beautiful flower garden was the best thing along with the birds. Golden Buddha, Marble Buddha temples were our next destination. These temples are so well maintained and clean even being a famous tourist attraction. The sightseeing at Golden buddha will remain in my heart. The huge and gigantic buddha status was all gold and it was shining bright like a sun. My wife loved the architecture of the building. The place gave us a feeling of peace and comfort. Marble Buddha temple was relatively small but the worth noticing thing was the imported Italian marble. I have never seen such a wonder before.

And the next day of the tour was dedicated to the famous Safari World and Marine Park. We went there in the morning and the safari world was so huge along with so much wildlife to see. I had my camera for wildlife photography and the pictures I took there were perfect for my Instagram. The whole tour was on a car inside the park and animals were roaming freely. Inside the safari, there is a marine park where we saw the amazing dolphin show. And the day completed with the launch after which we were back at the hotel in Bangkok.

The next morning, our private car was waiting for us. We reached the airport and our flight was ready for departure. We were leaving with so many memories and it was surely one perfect tour. All this was possible due to the amazing people behind Travelxploria. We don’t remember facing any issue during the whole tour and I will recommend all my family members and friends. We deserve the best and Travelxploria provides the best.

By Travelxploria | November 29, 2019 | Srinivas’s Romantic Tour of Thailand

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