It had been my dream to visit Thailand. I had been overwhelmed by the beauty of the white sand clothed beaches and buzzing life. My dream came true thanks to Travelxploria, a well-known travel agent in Kolkata for an international tour. Everything from hotel to tour has been simply perfect. All came under budget as well.

Travelxploria’sThailand tour operator from Kolkata, was one of the best. We landed on time in Phuket airport. People and their busy life grabbed our attention the moment we stepped there. I wanted to have a memorable honeymoon experience. That very first day in Phuket, I knew that I would remember this trip forever.

Phuket was beautiful. I already knew that. However, knowing and seeing it first hand is different. When I was zooming through the street, I was overwhelmed by the life and the beauty of Phuket. I understood why people keep talking about Thailand even though there are so many travel destinations available. I wanted to stay there forever if it was possible.

We had been transported to the hotel after we landed the first day. It was luxury hotel which offered all sort of comfort to the boarders. Spacious rooms and tasty food made us fall deeper in love with Thailand and the Thailand tour organizer from Kolkata.

Next day, we went to explore the famous Phi Phi islands of Thailand. Phi Phi is famous for many reasons. Beauty is one of them. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the islands. The group of islands had created a beautiful haven which welcomed the tourists with open arms. The islands fall into the Krabi province. The largest island is called Ko Phi Phi Don. It is not only large, but populated as well. To explore these islands, we had to take a boat. There was no other transportation which could have taken us there.

It was a day long trip on boat. We also had lunch there. Then we learnt a lot about Phi Phi islands. During 1940, the islands were occupied by the fishermen. At the later time, the island became the lands of coconut plantation. On 2004’s Tsunami, the islands had been destroyed.

The limestone rocks peeking out from the sea stole our hearts. Those rocks made the island even more beautiful. We watched in wonder as it seemed like someone had scattered the rocks to decorate the island.

We returned to out hotel at the end of the day with happy hearts. We were eager to explore more of Thailand.

The next day we went to explore Krabi another famous place to visit in Thailand. This trip we had to make on ferry as well. The Phuket to Krabi trip had been an experience of life time. We were speechless by the beauty of the nature. Everything about the journey spoke of beauty. We had been prepared to be speechless by the beauty of Krabi. But we were not prepared to be stunned by it. The island offered a relaxing aura which made us settle back and enjoy the trip even more. The white sun kissed beach dazzled under the golden day light. It looked like someone had spread carpet over the beach to welcome the tourists. Krabi was a large island. It covered a large portion which offered a lot of attractions. However, to explore them all we had to travel a lot. We had been all too happy to make the trip as we wanted to explore the beauty of Krabi even more. The trip had been marvelous. We were excited to be able to escape the hassle of city life for a while. When we returned to our hotel, we were tired but happy.

The next day was reserved for the famous four islands of Thailand. Here we got the idea of real tropical life. The trip we made in speedboat. The islands were as beautiful as the other islands of Thailand. At four islands, we were greeted by a combination of mountains made of limestones, green lush forests and awesome rock formation.

Next day, we went to Bangkok from Krabi. It was the trip which we looked forward to. I wanted to explore Bangkok. It had been an amazing trip which made us both excited and sad. Excited because we were exploring Bangkok and sad because we would have to go back home soon. We enjoyed the buzzing life of Bangkok and its food. We took home many mementoes from the city.

On the last day of the trip, we explored safari world and marine park. Here we got a glimpse of life under the water. The safari world housed many animals including zebra, giraffe, deer and lions. It had been an entertaining tour. We also learnt a lot about rare animals here.

The next day, we went back to airport to come back home.

By Travelxploria | October 30, 2019 | Namvir Meshram's Thailand Tour

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