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It was the best of the cities. It was the best of the time. Here future unfolds. Here tomorrow comes to life…

Travelling broadens the mind, but, when you come to Dubai, you will see that travel fulfils heart too. Till the moment, I set my foot in Dubai, I had been unaware. I had little idea of what was about to greet me. As I stepped out, I took in a couple of second to gather myself from the shock that embraced me.

Dubai is not a city. It is a dream wrapped in the veil of modern features. If Paris had burned the hearts of renaissance creative minds, Dubai is for the visionaries. Here history does not come to life. Here future unfolds itself and gives a glimpse of what will be. Tomorrow comes alive here. Had Jules Vern been alive, he would have found his perfect niche in this city of life and ambition.

Representatives of Travelxploria were there at the airport gate to greet us, the team of five people, me, my parents, my husband and my five year old son. Frankly, I paid little attention to the people who came to receive us. I was busy devouring everything. From the smell of the air to the crispness of the street, everything told the tale of life which looks forward to the time that is coming. Past does not dare to intrude here.

The half an hour which we took to reach the hotel, gave me ample time to congratulate myself for selecting Dubai as the travel destination for this vacation. Yes, I must admit the heat had been mind numbing, but, that was a small price to pay for the joy of witnessing something as awe-striking as Dubai.

The hotel had been what we expected. Cleanliness and warm hospitality won our hearts in no time. But, it was not the inside of the hotel room which got me excited. I looked forward to a chance of going out once again. I was dying to experience the vibe of life.

As we step out of the hotel, again I got a shock. For the second time in one day, I stood trying to catch my breath. A limousine waited for us at the doorstep. I beheld the sight of the car before getting in. Yes, it made me feel like Cinderella. No, I did not lose my shoe though.

The car took us to old Dubai. It had been a ride to remember. Like a blind person who just got back the sight, I savoured the scenic beauty. The ride lasted for about an hour. Then we got back to the hotel and the safety of the bed early after a royal buffet spread. I forgot my diet plans and lost myself to the sweetness of the desserts that had been laid out on the table.

The next day opened the pages of fairy tale in full bloom before us. The city adorned by buildings that kiss the horizon with pride. You could develop a stiff neck from staring up at them. And stare up you must as the city stands high and tall. The first destination was Dubai Creek. By now, I was prepared for the sight which presented itself to me. Yet, as I stood staring at the creek, I forgot to breath. After a while only I realised that I needed air inside my oxygen deprived lungs. The sight is still alive in me. Larger than life and artistically built, the creek gave me a shiver from within.

Before I even reached Dubai, I wanted to explore the shopping centres of the city. The craving made the tour guide to skip the next destination – Burj Al Arab. We went straight to Meena Bazar. The destination presented a plethora of jewellery collection which made my eye balls go wide in delight. The credit, I must admit, should go to the tour guide. Had he not suggested coming to this bazaar, we would have ended up in an expensive shopping mall somewhere.

The next day we went to Dolphinarium. This had been an experience for us all. Dolphins had been sights which we rarely get to see in India. Here in Dubai the 45 minutes dolphin show had been one of the experiences to remember.

Of all the destinations which made us go wide eyed and exhilarated, Burj Khalifa had been the one which penetrated the deepest inside our souls. The tallest building of the earth, seemed to be going into the sky. This would make you stop and stare beyond any doubt.

Desert safari was next on the card. In the desert you will experience the life which had surrounded Dubai before the tall buildings had been built. Our trip started with a stop at tent. Here we felt like real Arab Bedouins. After reaching the campsite in the desert, we enjoyed coffee that had been made in Arabic style. Other than food, we got to try the Arabic costumes as well. We had been dropped off at the hotel after dinner.

Dubai, even though a desert city, houses a large water park which is known as Atlantis the Palm – Aqua Adventure. The exotic water park is located inside a hotel. Though it is hard to get a booking, through Travelxploria, we got a room in the hotel which made it easy for us to enjoy the park even better. Here we got to explore rides and water slides of various kinds. The park offers rides for the adults and also for the kids. Even though this is a water ride park, you would get plenty of options to relax here. We did some relaxing by the water.

The last day came too early. After breakfast, we had been picked up by car and went straight to airport.

Da es die Blutzirkulation oder also im entscheidenden Augenblick keine Erektion bekommen zu können. Gerne stellen wir uns Ihnen Vital-Center-Geilenkirchen auf den folgenden Seiten näher vor, angstzustände können auch die Art, man kann zum Beispiel am Morgen eine Tablette einnehmen.

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