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Indonesia’s most famous island Bali is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world, attracting hordes of tourists who come in lure of its stunning beaches, unique cuisine, alluring sunrise and sunsets, beautiful rice terraces and a vibrant culture. Its crystal-clear beaches are home to some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world. Finding a Bali travel agent in Kolkata isn’t too difficult due to its soaring popularity. At Travelxploria, being a trusted tour and travel agency in Kolkata, we recommend that you keep the following 10 points in mind while travelling to Bali.


Being a tropical island, the weather is warm and sunny all year round. However, the dry season (April-Oct) is the best time to visit Bali due to unpredictable weather during the wet season (Nov-March).

Drinking Water:

Still a developing nation, Bali’s filtration system is under-developed making tap water unfit for drinking. Since many tourists have reportedly suffered from diarrhea, also called ‘Bali Belly’, consume only packaged drinking water or boiled water while traveling there.


Bali’s tropical climate fosters rapid growth of bacteria on food items. Avoid eating at roadside stalls. Before eating anything in Bali, use a hand sanitizer. Also avoid leafy vegetables that might have been washed with tap water.

Driving Ethics:

Unlike India, unnecessary honking is prohibited in Bali. If you hire a scooty or a bike, make sure you don’t honk aggressively but just enough to give a signal.


Narcotic laws in Indonesia are extremely strict and intolerant to drug consumption and/or possession. Once caught, you need to cough up a hefty fine and might even land up in jail.

Money Exchange:

Rely only on authorized money changers for currency exchange in Bali. Don’t get fooled by the high exchange rates promised by some of the unauthorized money exchangers. Also, shop from places with ‘no commission’ sign.

Religious Decorum:

It’s better to abstain from wearing revealing outfits inside places of worship, irrespective of gender. As a Hindu-majority province, there are many temples in Bali. Remember to keep your shoes/sandals outside the temple. Else, you might risk offending locals.


Here, the left hand is considered unclean. While giving or receiving anything physically, use the right hand and not the left one.

Religious Procession:

Maintain silence during a religious procession on the streets of Bali, especially during a funeral procession.

Problematic Drivers:

Drivers may try to take you to places from where they would get commission. Don’t let them decide the itinerary for you. They charge exorbitant amounts from unsuspecting tourists. Choose the trustworthy BlueBird Taxi instead.

At Travelxploria, we offer customized Bali tour packages for couples as well as for families at affordable prices. A holiday in Bali is the aspiration for many Indians and we try to enrich that experience to the best of our abilities!

By Travelxploria | February 24, 2020 |

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