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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has altered our way of living. From employment to education to our travelling habits, there is a need for us to adapt to the new normal brought about by the current pandemic. However, without a well-chattered guide, there is a possibility of getting lost amidst countless suggestions, assumptions and more.

Considering the same, the in-house experts at Travelxploria, the best travel agency in Kolkata, have curated a list of tips to guide you to a safe and efficient travel plan to follow during your post-pandemic voyage.

Smart guide for the post-pandemic traveller:

Research for up-to-date information and travel guidance: Countries are implementing stringent public health measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These measures are, however, subject to change as per the improvement in the coronavirus situation in the nation. That makes it essential for the future traveller to keep himself updated about all the latest information and travel advice placed by the state he is planning his next voyage to along with the regulations set by his native place.

Careful consideration of the travel route:

Most countries have already placed restrictions on tourism. However, travel regulations are subject to rapid change owing to the fluctuations in the surfacing report of active cases of coronavirus. The experts suggest that the situation might continue to be unpredictable for quite some time after the pandemic. That makes it essential for the traveller to carefully consider their travel route to dodge any unforeseen hiccups in the process.

Stay in touch with your airline and travel agent:

The future traveller should make it a point to keep in touch with their respective airline and travel agents. That is because they are well-qualified to give you real-time updates about the official announcement made by the transit airports and governing authorities. Besides, you will receive help from them upon refunds and other concessions on unforeseen cancellation of your tour.

Consult your doctor post-travel:

Future tourism and travel industry will include the necessary health check-ups to detect the exposure to coronavirus among its travellers to ensure a safe voyage for all. However, rather than getting your trip cancelled at the last minute, consulting your doctor prior to your tour will be a smart thing to do in the future.

Stay updated with the latest health advice:

The world is yet to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. Hence, the tourism and travel experts advice travellers to keep themselves updated with the latest health advice to minimise the exposure to the virus and stay safe while travelling.

Thus, are the most fundamental guide that every smart traveller should follow to ensure a safe and happy travel experience as the current pandemic situation subsides.

Are you considering a trip to your favourite location following the endemic? Contact us! We might be beneficial to help you get the most exciting and budget travel deals while also ensuring the health safety of each traveller in the process.

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