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Thailand is a country that takes pride in its sultry beaches, luxuriant majestic palaces, ancient ruins and elegant temples showcasing illustrations and statues of Buddha. It is also known for its avant-garde cityscapes such as Bangkok and luxurious Hua Hin.

However, that is not all that makes Thailand so popular among travellers around the world. It is a perfect destination for every party seeker. The colourful and eventful characteristics of this country make every minute spend on this land worth it.

Talking of which brings us to our topic for this blog, “Best of Thailand Nightlife”. It is no secret that every time we visit a place in this age, this is one aspect of our tour that concerns us the most. After all, when we undertake a tour, we intend to relax. And the nightlife is the best way to do so. To have a glimpse of the kind of nightlife that this beautiful land affords keep on reading the article as we unravel everything that you need to know about the nightlife in Thailand.

Best of Thailand Nightlife that you can’t miss:

Phuket Fantasea Show:

Want to experience the shows of Las Vegas when in Thailand? Then Phuket Fantasea Show is the just place for you. The cultural show that uses Avant-garde technology, coupled with spectacular sets and amazing animal performances, this entertainment show proves to be a treat for the senses.

Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan:

Originally meant for tourists, Full Moon Party is an all-night beach party that takes place on, before or after every full moon. It is one happening party that includes everything from exciting music, dance and booze.

The Hangover Tour, Bangkok:

Popularly known as a stag night, The Hangover Tour at Bangkok affords its travellers to experience a crazy hangover night just like the once they witness in movies. It is one of the most adventurous and popular nightlife activities in Thailand.

Dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River: Dining on a luxury cruise along the Chao Phraya River got to be at the top of your list as you plan out to experience the nightlife in Thailand. The dinner will include excellent Thai cuisine along with other international cuisines with the backdrop of historical monuments along the river.

Siam Niramit Cultural Show And Dinner:

One of Thailand’s extravagant shows with magnificent performers and astonishing attire, Siam Niramit Cultural Show offers sensational nightlife experiences to its audiences.

Live Jazz Music Pubs Or Bars:

Thailand is popular for its happening pubs and bars. Further, live jazz music at most pubs and bars featuring talented artist is sure to add class and romance to your nights in Thailand.

Ladyboy Show:

One of the cabaret shows, Ladyboy Show is one finest entertainment night shows in Thailand. It offers a night filled with glitz, glamour and humour to its audiences.

The list of the events and places that make the nightlife of Thailand so colourful is never-ending. The above-given names are just a few chosen from the wide gamut of options that a traveller is sure to find amazing when visiting this land of celebratory events. If you are planning your next tour to this country, then be ready to experience remarkable times here as every day spent in Thailand is comparable to nothing less than a festival.

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