Five must-visit tourist spots around the world following COVID-19

The pandemic has dampened the travelling spirits within us all. While the crisis is taking its toll on us, we are tending to be highly sceptical regarding our prospects of travelling in the nearest future. However, we need not be pessimistic in the matter as the endemic will eventually subside and open up the opportunities to wander around the world anew.

The list curated below by the choicest international tour operators in Kolkata, namely Travelxploria, of the five must-visit tourist spots around the world following COVID-19 is an effort to keep you abreast and prepared for future travel prospects. Keep on reading to learn more.

Five must-visit tourist spots around the world following COVID-19:


Quench your thrust for the ancient knowledge by visiting the historic rock fortress of Sigiriya or reach new spiritual heights at the sacred Buddhist site of Kandy, the country has something for everyone visiting its lands. Relaxing at the Aragum Bay or appreciating the essential charm of the natural habitat of the coastal area, a trip to this nation will help you create a memory for life.


Explore the art and culture of Bali at Ubud Village or immerse yourself at the best of nature at the Mount Batur volcano or solely heighten your spirituality at Uluwatu temple. Celebrated for its white sand and picturesque beaches, Bali is endowed with the attraction of all forms.

Northeast India:

Tugged in the corner of the country, these states are traveller’s paradise. From picturesque mountains to mesmerising waterfalls to name a few, it is abundant in natural charm.


Considered as the happiest nation, Bhutan will help you find peace amidst nature. Rafting at Tachog Lhakhang and Chuzom or adoring the beauty of the scenic panorama at Paro and Thimphu, the region will offer you the most remarkable experience for life.


Popular among the travelling community, the country is known for the innumerable scenic sights, adventure activities and historic scenes. From a shopaholic to a nature lover to adventure enthusiast and history admirers, Vietnam has something for everyone.

Hence, are the five must-visit tourist spots around the world following Covid-19 as suggested by the in-house experts at Travelxploria. The above-stated destinations are most sought after for a reason. If you find the content stated above insufficient to help you form an informed decision, you may contact us today. We at Travelxploria will be more than willing to help you indulge yourself in the hopeful planning for future tours at the safest and convenient manner.

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