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Has the current pandemic situation dampened your travelling spirits? Read on to the article below to regain your enthusiasm for tour and travels.

With flights grounded and cruises docked at the harbour, travel and tourism of most countries have come to a halt. Travellers around the world are in despair about the future possibility of travelling again. Although the travelling future looks gloomy now, planning a theme vacation with your loved ones after the pandemic situation subsidies might help you light up the mood. Besides, since we are all locked at our homes, do not we have enough time to plan our dream vacation for the future?

Considering the same, the in-house experts at the best budget travel agency in Kolkata, Travelxploria brings you a list of points to consider while planning your post-pandemic theme vacation.

Things to consider while planning your post-pandemic theme vacation:


There was a time when travellers would only research the tourist spots that would match their intended theme of the tour. However, the current pandemic situation would necessitate future theme travellers to further pay attention to the risk of exposure to the virus in the concerned place, along with the latest guidelines implemented by the authorities and health experts.

Adhere to the guidelines:

While planning a post-pandemic theme vacation, a future traveller will strive to adhere to the developments and additions to the health safety guidelines. That would include carrying the essentials along while travelling such as hand sanitizers, face masks and more.

Outline the details of your theme vacation:

Since most of the countries will stop or restrict international travels, one would have to plan thorough research concerning the places they would like to include in their theme vacation. Besides, adhering to the social distancing guidelines, most tourist attractions with the ability to gather a vast crowd will not be open for visiting. Hence, a detailed theme vacation will help you plan accordingly to avoid any unforeseen hiccups down the line.

Window shop for the best offer:

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has halted the tourism and travel industry. As the industry is endeavouring to gain momentum in such an unpredictable market scenario, chances are you might come across some of the most attractive post-pandemic offers for a theme vacation. However, one should plan a theme tour while keeping in mind the unpredictability of future travels. They should opt for a proposal that permits them to prepare for a later trip under convenient touring conditions.

Hence are the most fundamental and practical tips that the in-house experts at the best package tour operators at Kolkata, Travelxploria ticked out for every individual intending to plan a post-pandemic theme vacation.

Are you yet finding it difficult to plan your post-pandemic vacation by yourself? Contact us today!

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