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The current pandemic situation has abrupt our life in every way possible. With the need to adhere to the health safety directives furnished by the authorities and health officials, travelling plans seemed like a distant dream.

While the travel and tourism industry is gaining some momentum with the opening of domestic and international borders, as travellers, we are bound to question if it is safe to travel again.

Although it is challenging to answer a generic question as such, the in-house experts at Travelxploria have decided to devote the following article in an attempt to answer the specific subject that if it is safe to travel to Himachal Pradesh at the moment.

With the borders of this tourist hotspot opened to welcome tourist within its territory, some travellers in the country are registering themselves online with the state government to be able to visit their favourite travelling spot in the nation.

But is it safe to plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh now?

Standard Operating Procedures are in place:

Himachal Pradesh being one of the tourist hotspots in the country is in adherence to the directives given by the authorities and health officials to facilitate health safety of their guests and staff alike. That includes maintaining social distance, together with frequent hand hygiene and respiratory etiquettes. Besides, a Rapid Response Team is appointed to regularly evaluate and effectively manage Covid-19 cases and mitigate impact among guest staff and everyone else involved in the management.

Stay for a minimum of five to seven days:

To ensure heightened health safety of the tourist and the staff in the tourism management of Himachal Pradesh, the travellers should furnish a report by an ICMR-accredited laboratory. The traveller should be tested negative for COVID-19 not earlier than 72 hours by an ICMR-accredited laboratory. Travellers are further advised to opt for prior hotel booking for a stay not less than five days. That is done to restrict travellers and also facilitate health safety measures for all.

First tourist destination to undergo awareness and training programme for COVID-19 readiness:

Considering the need for preparedness to be able to reduce and mitigate the effects and spread of the novel coronavirus, the tourism industry stakeholders of the state has recently conducted awareness and training programs for Covid-19. The hotel staff, along with other tour and travels management employees, were instructed about the safety measures and were encouraged to strategies plans to execute make the tourists feel safe in the state.

Hence, are the pointers that further support our conclusion that with strict adherence to the health safety directives furnished by the authorities and precautions taken on the part of the traveller, it is safe to visit Himachal Pradesh.
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