Never lose your wanderlust! 7 dream destinations to embark on after the lockdown!

Has this lockdown dampened your travelling spirit? Read on the article below to find your wanderlust back.

Many among us have worked extremely hard in the past few days in the hope of commencing a dream voyage at the end of it. However, the pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the course of the world. The life of a traveller is not an exemption. Consequently, being lockdown to your house premises while your heart longs to travel around the globe can be frustrating. But as the saying goes, there is always a silver lining at the end of a storm, so should we hope to overcome the present crisis soon enough.

Acknowledging the need to be optimistic at such times, Travelxploria brings you a list of seven dream destinations to embark on after the lockdown, and it is once again safe to treat our wanderlust heart with an exotic retreat amidst the beautiful stops around the planet.

Seven dream destinations to embark on after the lockdown:


Be it finding peace at a mountain-top fortress of Sigiriya or spotting a majestic leopard lounge at the sanctuary of Yala National Park, Sri Lanka flaunts its abundance of magnetism with several such exotic adventures for their visitors. Besides, it also holds the charm to intrigue its visitants with the possibility of discovering virgin islands such as Neduntivu or relishing the tea from Hill Country’s Haputale Mountains while relaxing at Arugam Bay and more.


Set amidst historical shophouses and modern skyscrapers, Singapore is one of the favourite destinations among travellers around the world and for people from all walks of life. From the futuristic and stunning Gardens by the Bay to the thrill of a night safari along with the excitement of a Hollywood movie theme park at the Universal Studios, the country offers a range of fascinating adventures.


Popularly known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ – Bali offers a range of enthralling escapades to its visitors. The many adventures afforded by this mesmerizing destination includes muck diving, surfing, strapping on a water jetpack, relaxing day off at the isolated and gorgeous Sidemen to the space to connect with the spiritual self at the Tanah Lot Temple.


Famous for its jaw-dropping natural beauty, Malaysia enables visitors to immerse themselves in the relaxing sunbathing experience at the Langkawi Island or relish their taste buds with the Nasi Kandar. Apart from those, the place offers a magnificent view of the ‘The Historic State’ in Malacca or the exotic experience at the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park.


Known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, Mauritius offers a range of experiences in its white beaches and cruising, sailing along with water tours and adventures.


Popular for its pristine beaches, Vietnam offers a range of exciting adventures such as hiking, cruising, exploring exotic caves and more.


Royal palaces, exalted and ancient temples along with the pristine beaches are merely a few of the many attractions that this destination holds for its visitors.

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