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“It is just not enough to be adventurous. You also need to be safe while travelling.” Have you heard your elders tell you so every time you pack your bag for your voyage to a new destination? Well, the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 has turned it into the actuality for every traveller hoping to take a tour around the world as the situation subsides.

Considering the same, the expert and travel enthusiasts at Travelxploria have penned the article below to help you decide the safest tourist destinations for your travel.

As the crisis is taking a toll over every corner of the world, India has been fortunate enough as its one of the most mesmerising part namely the Northeastern states have registered the least to none active cases of the virus.

The list curated below expands upon the reason why Northeast should be on your travelling list. Keep on reading to learn more.

Northeast should be on your travelling list, here is why:


Presently, with zero active cases of the virus reported from the state, it is safe for post-pandemic travel. Besides, situated in the southern summit of the Northeastern region of the country, it is inhabited by the peace-loving and hospitable tribes. The culture, coupled with the exotic natural charm of the state, is enticing in itself.


The region has one active case of Covid-19 reported so far. That makes it undoubtedly the safest places to travel post-pandemic. Besides, the mesmerising Himalayan state popularly acknowledged as the Travellers Paradise offers the experience of a lifetime as always.


Popularly known as the Scotland of the East, the state presently has one recorded active cases of the virus. Besides, the mesmerising hills, coupled with the exotic experiences offered by the state, is sure to make the stay at the state worthwhile for every traveller.

Arunachal Pradesh:

Popular among travellers as the “Land of Rising Sun”, the state has one active case of the virus reported recently. Further, its lush forest and subterranean valleys that extend to the summit of Himalayas are known for sending a calming effect to the mind of the tourists. That makes it the choicest destination to visit post-pandemic.


Endowed with picturesque mountains, diverse indigenous tribes and abounding natural beauty, Nagaland has recorded three active cases of the virus so far. The state further offers a range of exotic experiences of its well-preserved history in the form of dance and more to its travellers.

The other Northeastern states, although exceedingly promising for travelling, such as Assam, Tripura and Manipur have more than ten active cases recorded from each of the regions. The team of Travelxploria endeavours to ensure the safety of its audiences and as such have narrowed down the list to the above-stated destinations.

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