Sikkim should be your safest tourist destination after lockdown

As we are all struggling our way out of the pandemic, most of us are sceptical or rather pessimistic about our future travelling prospects. With the uncertainty dawning upon us, we are uncertain about which country or which state to travel to after the situation subsides. While most of our favourite tourist destinations are considerably affected by endemic, Sikkim is one such mesmerising state located at the corners of the Northeastern region of India, that provides a little hope for the travellers around the world.

The list curated below by Travelxploria is an endeavour to highlight the reason that makes Sikkim the safest tourist destination after lockdown.

Sikkim should be your safest tourist destination after lockdown:

So far, one active case:

Since presently the region has a single registered case of COVID-19, assumably it will soon emerge as a COVID-19-free Indian state.

First to enforce lockdown on March 17:

The state has imposed lockdown way before the Janata Curfew enforced by the Indian government. That has benefitted the region from incurring the virus from other sources.

Borders are closed till October 2020:

Considering the unpredicted nature of the pandemic, the state has banned all tourist entries till the said date. That further ensures the possibility of the expected COVID-19-free status of the region.

Uncrowded destination:

As the health and tourism pundits suggest the travellers to opt for the uncrowded destinations for their future expeditions, Sikkim offers a range to satisfy the wanderers’ spirit within them. Locations such as Ravangla and Kaluk are an instance of the same.

Mesmerising beauty:

Blessed with beautiful glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, valleys, landscapes, dense forests and soul-stirring views, Sikkim is known for encapsulating the attention of its visitors.

Pleasant locales:

Peace-loving natives of Sikkim consist of three predominant communities, namely the Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese. Their hospitality has been one of the principal reasons for contributing to its classification as the “Traveller’s Paradise”.

Exotic experiences:

From treks to the magnificent mountainous tops, river rafting to connecting to your soul by visiting the elegant spiritual monasteries, the state offers a range of exotic experiences to all its visitors. Besides, the cultural experiences coupled with the Sikkimese cuisines will make your stay at the region worth your penny.

Hence, are the fundamental points that assure every travel enthusiast of the future possibility of travelling to this charming region. Besides, the additional points curated by the in-house experts at Travelxploria are appended to help you know the hallmarks of this region that makes it remarkably popular among the travelling community of the world.

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By Travelxploria | May 30, 2020 |

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