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Honeymoon at Maldives and Mauritius sounds desirable, does not it? However, would not it be nice to enjoy the feel of Maldives and Mauritius at a much pocket-friendly range?
Known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, Bali is one of the choicest honeymoon destinations around the world.
Promptly, one might inquire what makes Bali the best honeymoon destination. Besides, why should Bali be your honeymoon destination?
Continue reading as we unravel the reasons for you:

Magnificent Beaches:

Part of Coral Triangle – Bali is the host of several majestic beaches. From the black sand beaches to the conventional and yet naturally astounding beaches, this Indonesian state has an abundance of natural treasures to please the eyes of each visitor. Beaches such as Kuta Beach, Virgin Sands – Nyang Nyang Beach, and several others are not popular for their gorgeous scenery alone that makes up for a picture-perfect moment but also for the uncountable water adventure it affords to all its visitants.

Elaborated Villas and Elegant Resorts:

Bali is not just famous for its fascinating natural beauty but also for its futuristic plus innovative architecture. From camp-style resorts to cliff-top retreats to refined traditional villas, this Indonesian state offers a luxurious resort without sacrificing on the naturally charming view of the surrounding.


Exquisite Balinese Cuisine:

A blend of thousand diverse cultures of different islands, Balinese cuisine renders a feast to the taste buds. Be it the popular Sate (satay) varieties or nasi campur Bali or the gratifying Betutu, the comprehensive range of the indigenous Balinese menu is assured to leave you requesting for more.

Adventurous Activities and Experiences:

Known for its beaches, Bali affords you a range of adventure which can range from the most basic adventures activities to the most extreme ones. Be it a trek to the Mount Batur or swimming with the sharks, Bali has something to offer to every adventure enthusiast.

Picturesque Landscape:

Bali offers much more than its most famous seascapes when it comes to the scenic beauty of the same. An amalgam of stunning landscapes and picturesque forested volcanic mountains, it is considered to be one of the tropical paradises in Asia. Abundant with natural treasure, the island serves as a centre to many ancient religious sites as well.


Apart from its beautiful scenic beauty, Bali is renowned for its happening nightlife. Home to travellers from across the world since so many years, the nightlife of Bali starts as soon as the sun goes down. The state has plenty of night activities to offer its visitors that can range from spending time in the luxurious night clubs and bars to the exotic night tours and night safari and so.

Ancient and Religious Monuments:

The Balinese history dates long back to the ancient times the remnants of which are still visible in the state. The ancient monument such as Bajra Sandhi Monument and Pura Kebo Edan and more makes for captivating archaeological sites.

The above stated are just a few of the reasons that make Bali the ideal holiday destination of all times. So planning a trip to Bali to add a memorable experience to your honeymoon days? Contact Travelxploria.com today!

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