Adrenaline rushes in Singapore | Singapore Package @ 20,399/-

Are you tired of the regular mundane life? Do you seek some adventures to spice up your otherwise static life? Are you one of those who thrive on the adrenaline rush? If you happen to respond to all of these with a yes, then this article is for you.

Often than not, we get stuck in our ordinary life that might make up for a genuinely dull narrative. However, we all have a fascination for a thrill-filled life. We all want to have a story loaded with fun and adventure that will make our grandchild gasp with awe and surprise.

And a tour to Singapore can do just that for you. From extreme sports and adventure activities to sky diving and mid-night safaris, Singapore offers a comprehensive outlet of activities to fill your heart with stimulation and excitement.

Check out the list below to know the adventure activities you can indulge in when in Singapore:

Indoor Skydiving:

Be it a child or an 80-year-old we all have a little adventurous soul within us. And the iFly of Singapore is designed keeping this in mind. One of the world’s largest indoor wind tunnels, iFly of Singapore gives you the most thrilling skydiving experience.

Formula One Adventure:

Irrespective of you being a learned driver or not, you can nevertheless experience the thrill of F1 street circuit driving experience when in Singapore. With a comprehensive range of sports cars and the availability of a professional to guide you, it will afford you to unleash your thrill-seeking soul.

Reverse Bungy:

Do you like the adrenaline rush that heights give you? Then the reverse bungy jumping at Clarke Quay of Singapore is just the thing for. Rising to the height of 200 km/h, this outdoor game sure to give you a kick that you will cherish for ages.

Eye The Sky:

The world’s largest observation wheel, Eye The Sky will afford you a mesmerising view of the whole of Singapore from the height of 165m. And not just that, this one of the most visited tourist spots in Singapore lets you indulge in various other activities such as 6D motion ride, supercar drive. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner with your paramour at this most romantic and picturesque spot.

Indoor Surfing:

Did you experience indoor skydiving in Singapore? Now let’s introduce you to indoor surfing in the same. At Wavehouse Sentosa you can unleash the surfer within you even without proper training. Here you can experience the thrill of surfing without having to risk your life even if you are just a beginner at it.
Shootout At Night: Got plans for the day but you do not want to miss out on your paintball shoot out? Singapore got you sorted. Affording night-time session with a 20-metre shooting gallery, two scenario-based fields, a speedball field coupled, Red Dynasty Paintball Park is just the place to bring out your talents at shooting.

Freefall Adventure:

ParaJump at Sentosa is the place to be when looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush in Singapore. The freefall adventure from this spot is sure to race your heart while satisfying your eyes with the exceptional view of the land below as you fall from an exceptional peak.

Apart from the above-stated adventures, there are many more adventures that anyone travelling to Singapore can experience. It is one of the best places to quench your thirst for the thrill-filled action.

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