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The journey of Travelxploria Leisure Holiday LLP from a seed to sapling to an ever-growing tree has been quiet amazing. Bolstered by the experience of its founders in travelling as well as in the tourism industry, Travelxploria was created with the vision of making it one of the promising tour operators in Kolkata. 

The idea of setting up Travelxploria was a result of intense discussion between the founders on issues being faced by travellers while planning a tour, till its execution. The notion of being able to provide the best possible solution to the discerning traveller, led to the creation of Travelxploria; With its plethora of quality services, Travelxploria has now become one of the reputed travel companies in Kolkata. 

As we focus on best travel experience in the best value for money deal, we aim to make the holiday; not a once in a lifetime moment or a once a year moment but in reality an integral part of everybody’s life. We want to make the holidays comfortable so that a traveller takes an easy to plan, easy to process and easy to execute venture.

Being the trusted tour and travel agency in Kolkata, Travelxploria brings before their clients a variety of curated tour packages. Right from the Jaipur-Agra-Delhi tour; the ‘Golden Triangle’ of tourism in India; to sun kissed beaches of Andaman & Nicobar Islands; a trip through the dense jungles of Western Ghats; and desert of Rajasthan; as well as international destinations like South East Asia, Middle East, and Hong Kong. Our tours range from 3 nights/4 days being the shortest to a fortnight being the longest. We have every type of tour package for you.


Key Info


Since 2015, Travelxploria has graduated from being a nascent tour and travel company to a full-service travel bureau. Based out of Kolkata, West Bengal; Travelxploria provides the entire gamut of travel related services; from bespoke tour packages to foreign exchange, you name it, and we have it for you.

Travelxploria focuses on providing the best possible value for money tour packages across India, South East Asia, Middle East, and Hong Kong. Our expertise in the travel industry has allowed us to dream big and become the one of the most sought after tour operators in Kolkata. 

In the next few years, we aim to be the at the pinnacle of our ability to provide the Best-In-Class service to our clientele. Commensurate to the steady growth in our business, we aim to be the go-to travel bureau for providing variety of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) travel plans with focus on providing seamless and uninterrupted service to the discerning traveller.

The Big 3


Travelxploria is the brainchild of Riya, Shouvik, and Manojit, the 3 enthusiastic and energetic individuals who invested their knowledge and expertise in their respective sphere of work, to build Travelxploria. It is due to their combined efforts that Travelxploria is hailed as the leading tour agency in Kolkata today. 

The awesome Trio who started office in a garage with just 2 team members, have steadily been providing travel services to their esteemed clients to all major tourism hotspots of India and around the world.



  • She is a focused, determined and passionate individual who loves to travel and explore new destinations.
  • As Head of Operations and Business Development, she has used her know-how to help upskill the entire team.
  • She ensures that there is no let-up in unwavering focus on customer service to provide the best possible holiday package to discerning travellers.
  • In her free-time she is a great cook, and fashionista.



  • An affable personality, he is known to give attention to details.
  • It is his zeal to get things done smoothly that ensures prompt service to our esteemed clientele.
  • A computer science and MBA graduate, with prior experience in BFSI sector; his flair for detail makes him the eyes and ears of the organization.
  • He loves to go on long-drives to explore offbeat places whenever time and work allows.



  • A quality control-guy whose focus on seamless integration of service is the key to deliver top notch service to our clientele.
  • Armed with a degree in science and management and backed by a decade of experience in corporate sector,his understanding of technology helps to redefine the services provided to clients.
  • In his free time,he likes to indulge in ‘3Fs’ that is Fun-Food-Family.
  • A sub-conscious writer, he likes to pen-down his thoughts whenever he thinkshis mind is in break free mode.




Travelxploria was setup with an aim to provide the insatiable traveller in you, the best possible travel experience; something that will remain etched in your memory for life. It is not without a reason that we are known today to be the noted agents of international tours and travels in Kolkata. We specialize in providing packaged tours whether lavish or value for money. It is not without a reason that we are noted agents in tours and travels in Kolkata. Keeping that in mind, the plethora of services being provided including:-


  • Bespoke tours (like honeymoon trips/family tours) to popular tourist destinations across the globe.
  • Flight tickets (to and fro)
  • VISA services.
  • Group tours (all female/all male et al).
  • MICE for SME business houses.
  • Travel consultancy for big corporate groups.
  • 2-wheeler/4-wheeler road trips.
  • Adventure treks to mountains/forests/deserts




 The USP or (Ultimate Selling Point) of Travelxploria, the best travel agency in Kolkata, is all about being able to:-


            Bespoke tours (like honeymoon trips/family tours) to popular tourist destinations across the globe.

            Flight tickets (to and fro)

            VISA services.


           Group tours (all female/all male et al).

           MICE for SME business houses.

           Travel consultancy for big corporate groups.

           2-wheeler/4-wheeler road trips.

           Adventure treks to mountains/forests/deserts.



Come join us in our endeavour to make your travel, the most memorable experience of your life.