Dubai Family Vacation of Pankaj Sharma and his Family

by Travelxploria | May 15, 2020 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

If you want to travel, visit UAE; make sure you have Dubai on the top of your list. My family and I loved our visit to Dubai which was arranged by the amazing people in TravelXploria. This destination was on our list for long and finally, I got a wee...Read More

Srikant Kuntoji Mesmerizing bhutan tour

by Travelxploria | April 15, 2020 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

On the first day of the tour, all three people reached the Kolkata airport from where the driver sent by the company picked us up. This day was dedicated to the tour of this amazing city. We started the tour by visiting the beautiful Eden Garden. Ent...Read More

An Exotic Trip to Bangkok

by Travelxploria | June 30, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

It had been a great experience to explore Bangkok. With the help from Travelxploria we spent an amazing family time there. On the first day, we landed in Bangkok air port. The exotic city had the vibe of life which touched us the moment we walked out...Read More

Prabhat Shaw’s Family Tour of Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

by Travelxploria | May 29, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

Bhutan, a kingdom known for its fortresses, ancient monasteries among the beautiful mountains of Himalayas. This location was selected by my wife and my two precious angels. I got a week off from the office and so we decided to pack our bags for this...Read More

Thailand Tour – A Journey to Remember

by Travelxploria | April 30, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

It had been my dream to visit Thailand. I had been overwhelmed by the beauty of the white sand clothed beaches and buzzing life. My dream came true thanks to Travelxploria, a well-known travel agent in Kolkata for an international tour. Everything fr...Read More

Andaman Tour – A Close Brush with Beauty

by Travelxploria | April 30, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

Port Blair is a beauty in itself. The capital of Andaman Nicobar island has a graceful serenity which captivates the travelers. With my family I landed on Port Blair air port on 16th Oct 2018. The first thing we noticed was the people and their energ...Read More

Srinivas’s Romantic Tour of Thailand

by Travelxploria | April 29, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

I and my wife, we both had Thailand in our wish list for a long time. So, this summer, we finally decided to travel and have the time of our life. We checked the timings and trip details of different travel agencies and Travelxploria looked really pr...Read More

Exploring Phuket – A Divine Experience

by Travelxploria | April 28, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour | Tags: , , , ,

Beauty of Phuket has forced us to choose it for our honeymoon destination. We are glad that we have made the decision of going to Phuket rather than to any other travel destination. We were welcomed heartily as we reached Phuket airport. The cab...Read More

Exotic Bali – A Trip to Cherish

by Travelxploria | April 27, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

Bali had been our anniversary travel destination. The name had conjured many images in our minds. Thanks to Travelxploria, those images have turned into exotic memory. Though we had explored Internet in search of pictures of Bali, nothing had prepar...Read More

Mr. Arunava Chowdhury’s and his friends’s Thailand Romantic Vacation

by Travelxploria | April 26, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

For the last six months, my friend and I’ve had been planning for a trip to Thailand with our wives on their demand. A friend referred me to Travelxploria’s website and while choosing a package for two couples, The package looked promising and it...Read More

A memory to cherish forever: Our Thailand Honeymoon

by Travelxploria | April 24, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour |

Honeymoon should be a special event. It is the time of life which comes only once in life. This is why – we had been careful in picking our honeymoon destination. After lengthy research, we chose Phuket as the stepping stone to begin our married li...Read More

Egyptian Family Vacation of Bhaskar and his Family.

by Travelxploria | April 17, 2019 | Sunal Thakur's Thailand Tour | Tags:

It was the time of year for our planned vacation to Egypt. I had a week off from office and it was settled that my family will be traveling for some good family time. We did not want to contact any local travel agents because the experience was so ba...Read More

This is how Priyanka Malla and her family enjoyed The Golden Splendour of Golden Sand – Amazing Dubai

by Travelxploria | April 6, 2019 | User | Tags:

It was the best of the cities. It was the best of the time. Here future unfolds. Here tomorrow comes to life… Travelling broadens the mind, but, when you come to Dubai, you will see that travel fulfils heart too. Till the moment, I set my fo...Read More